If you’re in the mood for an active outdoor recreation, George H Eckstein Park is a great choice. The park features baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and tennis courts for your enjoyment. It also has a playground for your kids. This community park is perfect for families with kids because it provides an array of activities for everyone to enjoy. For those who don’t like playing sports, there are a baseball diamond and a soccer field.

This Oregon park is a great place to take your kids to enjoy a picnic or simply have some quality time with your family. If you want to have an event in this unique park, you can host a birthday party or a holiday party. It’s also a beautiful location to do yoga or listen to live music. The possibilities are endless! You can spend a full day at the park, or you can try something new like rock climbing or hiking.

If you’re looking for a place to hold a picnic, George H Eckstein Park is the perfect destination. The park is situated at an elevation of 942 feet and is close to Riverside Elementary School. There’s also a 125-bed hospital in Grants Pass, just two miles away. If you’re thinking about going to the park, it’s important to know that there are many activities available for the whole family, whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to relax or a fun spot to do something active.

If you want to plan a visit to George H Eckstein Park, it’s essential to have an idea of how to get there. A WORTABLE map with directions is a great way to ensure that you get to the park in no time. It’s located at 1720 SE Portola Dr in Grants Pass, Oregon. A handy phone number and key contact information are listed below. The park is located near Fred Meyer’s store.

You can reach George H Eckstein Park by phone or by using an online mapping service. You can call or email them to arrange a visit or to inquire about their hours. The park is located at 1720 SE Portola Dr., and is easy to find. The following is a detailed description of the park. The maps below have directions to the park. You can also look for local businesses in Grants Pass. This area is great for families.

The park is handicap accessible and has a gazebo for picnics. The restrooms are clean and the park is easy to walk. It’s easy to get around the park by foot, but the park is also accessible to those with disabilities. It has plenty of parking and is very close to a school. A gazebo is a great feature in the midst of a busy downtown. It provides a great place to have a family reunion.

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